Fixation E.P.
Format: 12"
Mohican Sun
Fixation E.P.
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LOW STOCK !!! - (ARTWORK EDITION) - Integral 039 sees the much anticipated return of the mysterious tribal outifit Mohican Sun. Following the huge 'Dead Sea EP' which instantly stole the ears and hearts of the entire DnB industry, the Fixation EP picks up from where the last note was mixed down, in a continued epic journey through 4 fresh, heavyweight anthems.* Kicking off the new EP in style, the dramatic and cinematic intro of 'Providence' swiftly commands 5 stars. The layering of emotional energy through music; the sublime string programming, inspiring vocals and infectious bass raise the liquid funk bar to new levels. This is the real Mohican Sun magic.

The futuristic vibes of 'Untold' are up next: The passionate, soul-laden musicality and transcendent bass grooves take you on a wonderful ride through the deep.
'Shadow' flips the script entirely, showcasing a completely new side to MS production. Another striking intro of ultra-epic piano and string hooks, elevates to a bass hurtling drop delivering maximum dancefloor thunder! Music destined to damage any dancefloor with it's monstrous manifestation; this one will command a rewind from every rotation.
Wrapping up a most superb second Mohican Sun masterpiece is the stunning title track 'Fixation'. This future-soul-inspired, instant classic comes complete with feel-good, sun-kissed melodies and cosy bass just in time for summer! Pure class.

Mark your iCal's now with June 23rd as the official release of new powerhouse DnB outfit Mohican Sun's Fixation EP. The 4-strong, versatile production will resonate with fans from all corners of the spectrum. Launching across all formats with supercool and limited edition collector's artwork, make sure you reserve your vinyl copy now to avoid disappointment!

    A. Providence
    AA. Untold
    B. Shadow
    BB. Fixation

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