Late Night Soundtrack (Vol. 3)
Format: 12"
Workforce (feat. DRS)
Late Night Soundtrack (Vol. 3)
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TIPP !!! - Workforce by name and Workforce by nature. 2019 saw Jack Stevens (one half of iconic duo SpectraSoul) set up his new moniker, establish his new label; Must Make Music, and release two four-track EP’s on that label as well as making time for a cameo on d.Bridge’s renowned Exit Records with the six-track ‘Your Moves’ EP.

To kick off 2020, Workforce returns to his own Must Make Music imprint to present the third and final volume of the Late Night Soundtrack series. In true Workforce style, the four tracks traverse the 170bpm template; showcasing both his versatility and the breadth of influences that inform his work: from the sultry blues of ‘Cheap Love’ which features the ever-impressive and ever-evolving vocal talents of DRS to the stripped-back simplicity of ‘Your Loss’ through to the ethereal yet simplistic motifs of ‘In The Throes.’

Late Night Soundtrack Vol.3 confidently shows all sides of Workforce's repertoire. Music that is functional sits right next to music that is led by emotion.

When listening to the complete Late Night Soundtrack series it's clear to see that Workforce has achieved what he wanted to; he has set out his stall in terms of his aesthetic, intention and vision. There will be more to look forward to from Stevens' burgeoning new alias in 2020.

a1. Workforce - Cheap Love ft DRS
a2. Workforce - Barriers Of Language
b1. Workforce - Your Loss
b2. Workforce - In The Throes

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