Fashion Records - Style & Fashion (3xLP)
Format: 3 x 12"
General Levy, Cutty Ranks, Top Cat, Papa Face, Red Man...
Fashion Records - Style & Fashion (3xLP)
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Soul Jazz Records are proud to present this new collection of music from the great Fashion Records, one of the most important and iconic independent reggae labels to come out of the UK, and which ran from 1980 for nearly 20 years.
In that time Fashion released hundreds of records that successfully reflected, and indeed set, the changing styles and perspectives of reggae music in the UK - from UK dancehall and lovers rock in the 1980s through to the mighty rise of jungle in the second half of the 1990s.
While nearly all other UK reggae labels focused on releasing Jamaican music - from the early days of Island and Trojan in the 1960s, through Island and Virgin in the 1970s, and Greensleeves that came up in the 1980s - Fashion's focus was firmly on music produced in the UK. This unique British perspective shaped both lyrical content and musical fashion. And like all the great music labels - from Studio One to Blue Note - Fashion was
able to create a significant roster of its own artists.
Amazingly for a small independent label, a number of Fashion artists achieved mainstream UK chart and crossover success - including Laurel & Hardy, Smiley Culture and General Levy. But although this success was welcomed, crossing over into the mainstream was never the main focus for the label owners Chris Lane and John McGillivray (who also runs the successful Dub Vendor record shop) whose starting point was always primarily focused on producing quality music first.
In the early 1980s, Fashion Records captured the rise of the emerging British dancehall scene in its ascendency. The large roster of first generation British-born artists and MCs on the label - including General Levy, Papa Face, Smiley Culture, Bionic Rhona, Asher Senator, Laurel & Hardy, Top Cat and many more - often gave a unique and sometimes humorous British lyrical perspective to Fashion releases, discussing everyday subjects, from police harassment to road safety!
Throughout much of the 1980s and into the 1990s Fashion continued to release an almost relentless array of UK dancehall releases as well as continuing with lovers rock, and the occasional dub releases. Then, in the mid-90s, with the dancehall and reggae releases still coming on strong, Fashion released a superb series of early jungle tracks linking Jamaican and British MCs and dancehall artists with young jungle mixers, re-mixers and producers. By this time dancehall artists General Levy and Cutty Ranks had become the staple vocal samples of literally hundreds of white label jungle records and Fashion took advantage of this, often getting young producers to work in exchange for sample clearances - don't get mad, get even!
This album is a subjective and scatter-gun ride through some of the many unique and heavyweight tracks to come out of the Fashion stable that we love - some classics, some lesser-known, all 100% killer!
The album is released on heavyweight triple vinyl (+ download code), deluxe double CD with outsize booklet and slipcase, and digitally. The album comes with extensive sleevenotes, interviews, exclusive photography and original artwork and flyers, etc.

    A1: Papa Face Featuring Red Man - Dance Pon De Corner
    A2: Dee Sharp - Let's Dub It Up
    A3: Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb (Dj Ss Remix)
    B1: General Levy - Mad Them
    B2: Laurel & Hardy - You're Nicked
    B3: Bunny General - Played By This Ya Sound
    C1: General Levy & Hard 'n' Pure - Wikkeda!!
    C2: Poison Chang - Shot Fe Bust (Marvellous Cain Remix)
    C3: Dee Sharp - Rising To The Top
    D1: Papa Face With Keith Douglas - Dj Jamboree
    D2: General Levy - Heat
    D3: Carlton Lewis - Sweet Soul Rocking
    E1: Top Cat - Ruffest Gun Ark (Dj Rap Mix)
    E2: Papa San - Dj Business
    E3: Papa Face & Bionic Rhona - To The Bump
    F1: Cutty Ranks - As You See It
    F2: Janice Walker - You'll Never Need Somebody
    F3: Asher Senator - Bubble With I

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