The Wait / Feel Inside
Format: 12"
P-R-S / Modemellow
The Wait / Feel Inside
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NICE PRICE !!! - LIQUID SOLDIERS 2009 LP Sampler (Part 2) - 
/ After the great success of their first title on HAB, Cinematic & P-R-S - Luminous Colours, which was sold out in less than one week, Paris May now delivers another uplifting liquid funk essential with a great melody and oldschool pitched up vocals that will hit the dancefloors for the likes of Marcus Intalex, Blame, The Brookes Brothers, High Contrast & Co. Be sure it works like a magnet for the ladies and pushes them onto the dancefloor shaking their bodies.
Flip the vinyl and you hear the first strike from Modemellow on HAB. A man, who has already had some astonishing releases on the CAMINO BLUE imprint, featured by Bukem & Nookie. Feel Inside breaks in your brain through its concise and catchy rhode hook. To make it short: Again a lady killer with great soulful vocals, complelety easygoing - just liquid.
The album will be available as a three separate 12inch vinyl sampler to ensure that everyone will be able to pick up his favourite tune without buying the full album. This time we decided to change our artwork. Donnie Dubson created covers with a distinctive design.
To ensure the highest quality all tracks have Xtra warm & deep mastering by mastermind no.1 "Stu" @ Metropolis.
Heavily supported by LTJ Bukem, Fabio, DJ Marky, Makoto, L.A.O.S., The Bassdrive Crew & Bailey @ 1Xtra... just to name a few.

Every LS album sampler is strictly limited to 500 Copies.

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