The Rootstepa (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
Radikal Guru (feat. Brother Culture, Cian Finn...)
The Rootstepa (2xLP)
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LOW STOCK !!! - SEALED GATEFOLD EDITION - Better late than never! Finally after almost 7 years from the original release date, Radikal Guru's debut album 'The Rootstepa' has been pressed to wax for the first time.
The double 180g LP version in a gatefold sleeve will be available from June the 8th via all usual outlets. The LP contains 12 original tracks featuring such vocalists as: Cian Finn, Brother Culture and Mokey Jhayam.

A1  Radikal Guru - Dread Commandments
A2  Radikal Guru feat. Brother Culture - Fire
A3  Radikal Guru - King Kong
B1  Radikal Guru - Wisdom Dub
B2  Radikal Guru feat. Cian Finn - Babylon Sky
B3  Radikal Guru - The Rootstepa
C1  Radikal Guru feat. Monkey Jhayam - Eu Ja Lhe Disse
C2  Radikal Guru - Tundra Dub
C3  Radikal Guru - Kali
D1  Radikal Guru - Ethnic
D2  Radikal Guru feat. Cian Finn - This Applies

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