3rd Kingdom (LP)
Format: 12"
Alpha Steppa
3rd Kingdom (LP)
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BACK IN STOCK !!! - To mark 7 years of Steppas Records, we proudly present '3rd Kingdom', the eagerly anticipated 2nd album from Alpha Steppa. The son and nephew of UK dub pioneers Alpha & Omega (Greensleeves/VP), Alpha Steppa has been surrounded by soundsystem and dubplate culture from a young age.
Now a talented producer in his own right, his productions connect the dots between the music which he has grown up around and the new generation of UK bass music of which he is a part. His dubbed out style draws upon the sounds of his musical heritage, filtered through an exploration of the newer sounds of contemporary bass music.
Currently championed by a range of soundsystems and DJs from across the bass music spectrum; from Roots veterans Channel One Soundsystem and the legendary Jah Shaka Soundsystem to UK Steppers pioneers Iration Steppas and Dubstep household names such as V.I.V.E.K, Caspa & Rusko.

    A1:    3Rd Kingdom (Feat. Tenor Youthman)
    A2:    Heart Made Of Stone (Feat. Sistah Awa)
    A3:    Ancient Tribes (Feat. Nai-Jah)
    A4:    Concrete Meditation
    A5:    Soulfire (Feat. Double Tiger)
    B1:    Mek We March (Feat. Cologne)
    B2:    Mycelial Connection (Feat. High Public Sound)
    B3:    Jah Jah Creation (Feat. Jonah Dan, Ras Tinny & Don Fe)
    B4:    The Time Has Come (Feat. Nai-Jah & Ras Divarius)
    B5:    Prophecies Unfold (Feat. Cologne)

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