Never Trouble E.P.
Format: 12"
Profit (feat. Navigator, Lady Chann, Top Cat, Deadly Hunta, Serocee)
Never Trouble E.P.
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KLASSIKER !!! - “You guys got it going on" was Serocee's first reaction when he heard the beat that PROFIT sent over to him! Back in 2012 Profit - the two man Berlin based producer outfit released their debut EP – Two Edged Sword. Fast forwarding to 2015 the notorious duo are getting ready to drop their second installment of fire entitled "Profit - Never Trouble".
Straight back with a bang, the boys hit hard with a slick 5-Track-EP including some heavy vocal features from an elite cast of unique UK & Jamaica vocalists, all served up on a solid bed of Tropical Bass, Reggae Dancehall and Trap/Electro flavoured instrumentals.
Consistently seeking to elevate their Ragga influenced sound, they have recruited 5 of the hottest names currently doing damage on the UK Dancehall and Grime scenes. Alongside the aforementioned Serocee, the EP also includes Lady Chann and Deadly Hunta plus the original UK Dancehall Legend Top Cat and Jamaica’s finest Natalie Storm all delivering high calibre performances on PROFIT’s cutting edge groundbreaking riddims. London’s one and only inimitable UK soldier of Reggae-Mashup-Culture Navigator has been an integral part of PROFIT after moving to Berlin 4 years ago. Navi plays an honourable support/host role on all of the tracks, consolidating an irresistible fusion of styles, vocals, beats and genres.

"Profit - Never Trouble” is a banging EP that simply injects you with a woozy lightheaded Carnival Feeling. Ready to blaze up any dance-floor in any region, we highly doubt you will disagree with the words of the hook sung by Serocee, “The vibes ah get so hiiigh in Ya”.

A. Profit - Don't Test We (with Lady Chann & Navigator)
AA. Profit - 999 (with Deadly Hunta & Navigator)
B. Profit - Vibes (with Serocee & Navigator)
BB. Profit - Never Trouble Trouble (with Top Cat & Navigator)


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