Passing Through E.P.
Format: 12"
LDH Records
Teffa & Breez
Passing Through E.P.
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LTD. ARTWORK EDITION !!! - A clash of two dubstep titans is upon us. Teffa and Breez go head-to-head with 4 sound system slammers in the first release on LDH Record’s new vinyl series: LDHXL.

After a sell out first release on the label, Teffa has been a name we’ve been wanting to welcome back to our vinyl catalogue ever since. Over the past year, Teffa has had colossal releases on 786 Recordings, Foundation Audio and Low End Music to name but a few stellar labels, and we know this current release is going to do just as damage as ever before with clubs reopening.

We’ve been huge admirers of the work Breez has been putting out over the last couple of years, having released on labels such as Transient Audio, Soil and Sound as well as Cue Line Records. LDHX001 is the second collaborative release between Teffa and Breez after their massive project on Tribe 12.

    A. Teffa & Breez - Passing Through
    AA. Teffa - A17
    B. Breez - Upper
    BB. Teffa & Breez - 7 Days

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