The Fourth Wall (CD Album)
Format: CD
Ulterior Motive
The Fourth Wall (CD Album)
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The debut album arrives with a confidence and personality previously unseen from the pair. Under the tutelage of Goldie, the duo has delivered a long player that proudly wears its influence on its sleeve. The first thing that hits you about the album is its unmistakeable energy, It’s the type of energy the UK has excelled at within dance music and the excitement is clearly palpable on this project.


- Sub Focus
"Been a fan of these guys for a while now and this album takes their sound to the next level, there’s some top level DnB on this album"
- Pendulum
"This is a future classic"
- Rockwell
"Ulterior Motive are showing the breadth of their influences and coming up trumps with the album"

01) Stay Feat James Sunderland
02) Sideways
03) Open Up
04) Keep It Moving
05) Searchers
06) Short Circuit
07) Tape Deck
08) INTA-National
09) Muted feat James Sunderland
10) Edges
11) The Rattler
12) Longshot
13) You Must See
14) Chapters feat Mayhem Lauren & Brotherman

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