Desire Paths (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
Desire Paths (2xLP)
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LTD. BACK-STOCK !!! - (BLACK VINYL EDITION) - ‘Desire Paths’ by very definition are the story of Technimatic’s Pete Rodgers and Andy Powell. They are the trails created by human endeavour and choices, the route travelled between origin and destination, the reason the duo's enchanting debut solo album is ready to be released for the summer of 2014. Now fully fledged members of the Shogun Audio family, it has been Technimatic’s unprecedented determination and talent that has seen them carve their own desire paths up until this very moment. Delivering an LP of beautifully hand- crafted, soulful drum & bass music you can’t help but wonder where their next journey will take them... ‘Desire Paths’.
It’s an electronic album that has texture. Something fresh and current, but has a real feeling of nostalgia within it which gives you a flavour of where we’ve both come from musically and in terms of our normal lives. It's about how we work, what we've had to do to make it happen, and what we hold to be important within our genre.
A desire path is a route between an origin and destination created by footsteps, that often diverges away from the set and preconceived routes set out in daily life. We felt it was a nice metaphor for the journey we are on ourselves, for so long treading the standard route in life but striving to get somewhere else we are truly passionate about.”
Pete & Andy – Technimatic

Tracklist Vinyl:
A1. Perseverance
A2. Beneath The Skies
A3. Looking For Diversion (feat. Lucy Kitchen)
B1. Music Is Music
B2. Night Vision
B3. Innermost
C1. Tectonic
C2. Mucky Jeff
C3. One Way
D1. Like A Memory (feat. Pat Fulgoni)
D2. Lost Time

Tracklist CD (Insert included):
1. Perseverance
2. Beneath The Skies
3. Looking For Diversion (feat. Lucy Kitchen)
4. Stolen Hours (Interlude)
5. Music Is Music
6. Night Vision
7. Innermost
8. Imperfections (Interlude)
9. Tectonic
10. Mucky Jeff
11. One Way
12. Like A Memory (feat. Pat Fulgoni)
13. Desire Paths (Interlude)
14. Lost Time

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