Under The Earth / Switch It
Format: 12"
Mako & Mikal
Under The Earth / Switch It
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BACK IN STOCK !!! - Utopia Music are back for another release and it features the artists who have helped create its identity. Dropping in October, Mikal and Mako are here to take you into the darker months.
Their next release sees label head Mako join Mikal for a punchy a-side titled ‘Under the Earth’ and joins two masters of their craft for a track which is pervasive. Stabs of sub and clattering breaks draw you in whilst the second drop pad heralds back to old Bad Company.
On the flip, Mikal presents ‘Switch It’, with a howling ambient backdrop and ticking patches of percussion. Mikal goes for the dark and moody sounds and in doing so, highlights why he’s come under the guise of Goldie and Andy C. He has already proven his heavyweight formula through a variety of labels, including the esteemed Metalheadz imprint, showing a penchant for the darker styles of drum & bass and he boasts an enviable production standard.
Bristol based Utopia Music have recently relaunched the label and in doing so, have already reaffirmed why they grew to become such tastemakers. With the double-sided single from Break, M-Zine’s hard-lined ‘Equate EP’ and Hydro’s expansive ‘Lateral Thinking’ LP, they’ve delivered a host of releases to wet the appetites of drum & bass listeners who were waiting for Utopia’s return.

Goldie – “These guys are at the top of their game”
Break – “One of the best labels in dnb, very happy to be involved”
Ulterior Motive - “Big tunes”
Spectrasoul - “The quality is always super high”

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