Bleed It V.I.P. / Calokan
Format: 12"
Horizons Music
Bleed It V.I.P. / Calokan
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NICE PRICE !!! - Amoss step into lively territories with their 2014 return to Horizons Music. This single sees a VIP rework of their 2013 collaboration with MCJC, Bleed It, originally featured on the Dreamthief 4 LP. This rework brings a complete change in groove and mood to the table, incorporating a more syncopated beat with a much deeper bass presence.
Calokan is a throwback to the duo's early Horizons Music releases, but with an added twist. The dramatic and textural intro paired with an array of odd field recordings makes for an intense atmosphere whilst maintaining a heavy underlying sub laden roll. Those that are familiar with Amoss will know all too well that the second drop always has something special in store, in this case a straight, two step beat smashes through the breakdown, adding a huge switch up to the overall energy of this track.

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