Modern World E.P.
Format: 12"
Modern World E.P.
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LOW STOCK !!! - Bardo Camp with a one-two punch + uppercut combo! The undisputable Flying Dutchman NYMFO offers up the next 12" slated on the PMG catalog with a few bangers for your ear hole. The Nederland favorite enters the arena with a 3-Track release for vinyl dropping in the Fall of 2016. 'Glass Eyes' delivers a warm, key-driven cut standing alone on the A side. Not without his pinpoint accuracy, the tune may be considered off the ropes for our man Bardo. Featherweight on this one, but no less Worldclass! The B/C cuts combine vastly different productions on the flip. 'Modern World' steps up a notch of intensity, while still staying cool and collect. Knocks, but not lacking that signature poise we've come to expect. As the first outing for Prestige, we are proud of what Nymfo has brought to the table for this record. Off top, the C gets the title. Done! The half-step banger that is 'Dividing', closes things out with complete Bassbin shutdown. The sounds twist, morph, and escalate to an undeniable jolt to your noggin. Proper for the varied selection we have grown to represent in the catalog for Prestige Music Group. Forthcoming in the Fall of 2016 as a 3-Track 12" release, and available with all fine retailers worldwide by October at the latest. As exact release dates are not yet determined, expect a digital release shortly thereafter. Your support is greatly appreciated! Prestige Worldwide wide wide!

A.  Glass Eyes
B.  Modern World
BB.  Dividing

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