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Manufacturism / Voices In The Static
Format: 12"
DnB - Liquid, DnB - Jungle / Juke, DnB - Tech-/Neurofunk
Horizons Music
Beta 2 (feat. Eva)
Manufacturism / Voices In The Static
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TIPP !!! - LTD. BLUE VINYL EDITION - Labels like Horizons Music act as a foundation for the drum & bass underground, giving prominence to newcomers against the tides of commercialism which have flooded the scene. Since their beginning, Horizons have prided themselves on being at the genre's forefront, sifting through the vast musical offerings dropped into their inbox and selecting only the best for their extensive catalogue.

Although relatively unknown, their next artist Beta 2 has already been making himself felt throughout the community. With tracks off this forthcoming EP finding themselves in sets across the club circuit, interest is beginning to pique around the producer. However, with such an impressive sound design, pedestalling the standards which Horizons ensure all their roster meets, Beta 2 is sure to become a renowned name within record collections.

The EP is a generous offering which centres around Beta 2's minimal prowess. With clicking percussion and quaking bass underpinning its stockier segments, 'Manufacturism' featuring Eva on vocals is a warbling, stuttering metallic engineering with a bassline that is drivingly fierce. Eva's voice falls ghost-like between the mix, never overstating itself and creating a creeping, brooding edge. Chopped up sample midway gives it a tenser feel, only adding to its jaunty atmospherics.

'Voices in the Static' follows the same creeping, minimalist vibe. Beta 2 is unafraid to step into a territory which is impressively complicated, yet still able to draw you in with every drum pattern. Powerful breaks hit out like punches, underpinning the powerful subs which quake throughout its composition. 'Voices in the Static' has sonic which rages with every hi-hat, clicking into life before each stab of bass shakes the speakers. Beta 2's delivery pulls together both the intricacies of drum & bass, plus its heftier values, opening a vast reel of musicality.

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