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Inside The Silence E.P.
Format: 12"
DnB - Liquid, DnB - Vocal, DnB - Classics
Hospital Records
Inside The Silence E.P.
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Following his debut solo release on the esteemed Hospital Records is Ownglow's equally impressive and progressive 'Inside The Silence' EP. Four tracks deliver a personal portrayal of his transatlantic living with collaborations from recent riser Mitekiss, Oxfordshire's electro duo Disco's Over and vocalists Elle Vee and Courtney Odom.
'Breathe' matches up the methods of multi-genre movers Disco's Over and the warm, natural vocals of Elle Vee, who brings a romantic essence with her pitch-perfect topline. A second collaborative effort with the illusive Mitekiss makes a trail down to deeper D+B levels in 'Take Me'.
Ownglow's hometown of Arizona is clearly a pool of talent with resident Courtney Odom bringing sultry vocals to the jazzy waves of 'Mercy'. Finally, 'Glo Mello Flo' pairs playful hip-hop influences with a D+B tempo for a soulful summer soother.
Dive even further into the mind of 20-year old Ownglow with his self-created artwork. An old photograph with a modern twist ties to the EP's ethos of different perspectives and ideas coming together in a minimalist nature.
'Why if there is love, there are no words, inside the silence,' - that quote has stuck with me and I think it's a fitting description for what this EP is - there would be no music without silence, and inside of that silence is something yearning to be heard.' - Ownglow

    A.  Breathe (Feat. Elle Vee & Disco's Over)
    AA.  Take Me
    B.  Mercy (Feat. Courtney Odom)
    BB.  Glo-Mello-Flow

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