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Future History (2xLP & CD Album)
Format: 2 x 12"
DnB - Liquid, DnB - Vocal, DnB - Hip Hop / R&B, DnB - Classics, Breaks, Oldschool, DnB - Jungle / Juke, DnB - Deep
Hospital Records
Future History (2xLP & CD Album)
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BACK IN STOCK !!! - (SEALED COPY) - Vinyl format exclusively available as high quality collectors 2x12' Gatefold LP with complete and identical track running order to the CD album.
Future History is Nu:Tone's fourth studio album. Nu:Tone is an artist with the kind of rich history and authority to be able to reach into drum+bass' deepest past and create an album of snapshots from the many ages of jungle; with knowing nods to classic tracks and the sound of hallmark events - from 'Swerve' at the Velvet Rooms to 'Logical Progression' and 'Hospitality at Heaven'.
Opening with the epic ''Til Dawn' - recalling New Deep Society's 'Warehouse Dayz of Glory' - an apt mission statement for the project. Soul chanteuse Lea Lea adds spine tingling vocals to 'Tides' before Hospitality favourite Dynamite MC steps up to the mic with the infectious bassline wobbler 'Cannibals'. Further into the dark interior of the album things get murky with twisted rap genius, and original Ultramagnetic MC, Kool Keith blesssing 'Metaphor 6000'. As the voice of the prodigy's 'Smack My B*tch Up', it's a rare appearance for the seminal US rapper, and a coup for Nu:Tone. Across thirteen tracks, 'Future History' is bursting with moments of genius - each track looking squarely forward through a prism of the past.
Few drum+bass artists command the same respect as Nu:Tone, both within the scene and across the wider dance music community, with his recent discography taking in remixes for the likes of 3 beat, Warner and Sony. Nu:Tone has stripped down and re-worked the likes of Axwell, Sandy Revera et al, with Major labels clamoring for his skills behind a mixing desk.

A1. Til Dawn
A2. Say That You'll
A3. Bay Of Islands (feat. Logistics)
B1. Tides (feat. Lea Lea)
B2. Cannibals (feat. Dynamite MC)
B3. Change
C1. Back 2 U
C2. Oneroa
C3. Deep Inside
D1. Roundabout
D2. Metaphor 6000 (feat. Kool Keith)
D3. Lightning
D4. Holocomm

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