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Yo Yo Riddim / Yes, Ruff! E.P.
Format: 12"
DnB - Hip Hop / R&B, DnB - Jungle / Juke, Dubstep / Bass Music
Bun The Grid
Etch, Gantz & Moresounds
Yo Yo Riddim / Yes, Ruff! E.P.
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LTD. RE-PRESS !!! - Debut 12" release from Bulu & Etch's new label BTG. Created as a means to explore styles and sonic territories they may not explore through their own avenues, BTG was set up as a means for complete creative freedom not restricted to tempo style or dancefloor formularity.

The first release, an extension of Etch & Bulu's Radar Radio selections which can range anywhere from Hip-Hop to Psychedelic Rock and Jungle to Dubstep.

Yo Yo Riddim by Etch was conceived whilst Etch was logging death certificates on prescription codeine, "big up Dr. Bidwell". Then thrown into unidentified territory by Turkish space wizard - Gantz, who transforms this track into a churching gutteral beast.

On the flipside, we have an original from one of the greatest young minds in DnB & Jungle right now, Ilk. His constantly recognisable razor sharp production are at the forefront in this track - Yes, Ruff!, with an equally jarring remix from FrenchAstrophonica & 31 Records alumni, Moresounds, which builds and builds until it explodes.

    A.  Etch - Yoyo Riddim
    AA.  Etch - Yoyo Riddim (Gantz Remix)
    B.  Ilk - Yes, Ruff!
    BB.  Ilk - Yes, Ruff! (Moresounds Remix)

BTG001 has already received support from Fracture, Sam Binga, DJ Barely Legal & more...

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