Warmonger / Poison Flower
Format: 12"
KONTRA Recordings
DJ Verb
Warmonger / Poison Flower
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NICE PRICE !!! - With hugely popular tracks and remixes from Verb over the last year or so on labels such as Renegade Hardware" "Dispatch Recordings" and "117 records" comes verb's next installment of solid releases which looks set to be very popular.
This is the debut single to verb's brand new label opening with 2 tracks from himself which have been widely sought after and looks set to be a real contender for the scene.
"Warmonger" takes you back to a more organic sound to the d&b genre but with an updated feel with twisted synths and pads to give it that futuristic vibe and keeping that underground essence alive.
"Poison Flower" Once again a trip down memory lane with a track that recaptures the essence of the old skool days but again brought up to date with some angry underlaying synths and intense sub base patterns to keep the moods moving.
Both these tracks are a good indication that verb is set to be taking things in the right direction with a host of very well known producers that are set to be joining him onboard the label.

DJ Support: there has been a lot of dj support from the likes of Digital & Spirit, DJ Trace, Randall, Loxy, Gremlinz, BTK, Raiden, Meth, Manifest, Genotype to name a few which have played these tunes to a point where there is now a high anticipation for the release.

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