Stock Sound E.P.
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Stock Sound E.P.
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Picking up from where their critically acclaimed 'Only You EP' left off, SpectraSoul keep the Ish Chat Music coming with the bruising 'Stock Sound EP'. Pushing further afield into darker territories, Jack and Dave offer up a stunning array designed for drum & bass aficionados across the globe.
Following on from the 'Only You' EP, we wanted to continue to showcase the diversity of what we've been working on in the studio. Off the back of the positive response to the first Ish Chat release, we felt more confident in pushing the boat out a little more to try to challenge people's perceptions, and expectations of our music.
The 'Stock Sound' EP is a return to a darker, more melancholy mood, whilst trying to retain a playfulness that we believe has been missing in recent times. Diversity is also key for us - this EP showcases a few of our dance floor ventures as well as a the more experimental end of the spectrum.
It's also great to welcome our first guests onto the label in the shape of Break and Joshua Idehen. We have some interesting collaborations in the pipeline that will surely surface on Ish Chat soon!' SpectraSoul, 2016

    A. Stock Sound
    AA. Waiting For
    B. Aka Yoob
    BB. Tough Line

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