Guardian E.P.
Format: 12"
Profane / Shift
Guardian E.P.
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NICE PRICE !!! - Profane's Guardian immediately starts into the main melody and rhythm with a filtered bass synth. Additional percussion elements both synthetic and sampled build on the central idea morphing between sparse and dense layering. Staying true to Profane's sound, hints of funk samples are dropped throughout the piece.
Iceberg 74 is broken soul music with a clangy, aggressive drum break falling on top of looped guitar samples and quick excerpts of soulful singing. In the second half, the bass starts reinforcing the rhythm bringing up the energy even more. The drums abruptly stop at the end.
Shift's Juju leaps into a vibe like late 90's dark jazz Tech Step but with large amounts of variation on the rhythm. The percussion is sharp and a rapidly evolving. Double bass and squelching synth notes trade off. This is a high energy piece.

Totem has a drum break which is a bit muted sounding sitting with sparse, delayed sax samples. The melody is a double bass loop which sits around the stuttering pattern of the drum break. The second half takes the melody and twists it into an instrument a bit like tuned steel drums.

    A.  Profane - Guardian
    AA.  Profane - Iceberg 74
    B.  Shift - Juju
    BB.  Shift - Totem

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