Sculptures E.P.
Format: 12"
Sculptures E.P.
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Wolves resident SB81 delivers a huge EP for Metalheadz, his first full outing on the label after two EPs on sister label MethXX.
A. Sculptures
The EP kicks off with Sculptures, a half time track that signals back to classic era Rufige Kru. The track unfolds as it progresses with an almost cinematic feel after the second drop. The EP certainly starts as it means to go on.
B. Final Cut
SB81 creates a track that pushes broken rhythms to very furthest, the track is all about the drum work. Something that SB81 is becoming a master of, a classic Headz feel pushed forward into 2015.
BB. Never Mind
Yet another example of innovative drum work from SB81, Never Mind has more in common electronica as much as it does dnb, tense strings are worked against interesting fx and an all -enveloping sub bass carries all the weight needed to make work on the dancefloor.

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