Turn Around E.P.
Format: 12"
C.I.A. Records
Total Science (feat. Break, Calibre, DLR & Riya)
Turn Around E.P.
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KLASSIKER !!! - (ARTWORK EDITION) - It's a well-known fact that Total Science are massive winners - or weiners, depending which sausage factory you bump into them at. And here with their brand new Turn Around EP, they're now putting that into vinyl format with some of their nearest and dearest fellow victors.
Comprised of four killer cuts that combine a raft of their influences, the title track Turn Around takes you back to the early 90's jungle sound. They combine once again with Symmetry label boss and all round drum and bass badman Break for Big Time Winners, summoning the ghost of rave past. The Music Master Calibre steps into the CIA fray once again to remix the beautiful TS classic Walk The Same Lines with Riya, and they also combine with fellow Bristol resident and technical wizard DLR on Too Close For Comfort, taking you down a deep rabbit hole.

Total Science's Turn Around EP signals their intent for 2017 - consider this your first warning!

    A.  Turn Around
    AA.  Big Time Winners (feat. Break)
    B.  Walk The Same Lines (Calibre Remix / Feat. Riya)
    BB.  Too Close For Comfort (Feat. DLR)

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