The Place / Always There
Format: 12"
SYMMETRY Recordings
Jack Boston (feat. Vanity Jay / Madcap)
The Place / Always There
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BACK IN STOCK !!! - With new material for Symmetry, Jack Boston’s latest offering showcases his musical and production talents. The two contrasting tracks demonstrate his diversity as one of the scenes top emerging artists. His background as a guitarist is a thread that consistently runs through his production, which adds a live and natural feel to much of his work. As a trained sound engineer working at a renowned studio, his experience from recording an eclectic array of bands adds a different dimension to his approach when making Drum n Bass. Working towards his debut album, this release is the first taste of things to come.

“The Place” - Teaming up once again with the soulful Vanity Jay, this track takes you on a journey of moods. From pensive and smooth to edgy and deep this track holds you on the edge of your seat as you travel through the soundscape. Distilling these elements down into the DJ Edit (included in the digital release) delivers a more club friendly version.

“Always There” - Known for his love of Amen breaks, Madcap brings his rolling jungle style to the mix on this energetic B side. Uplifting horns, retro guitars and bluesy vocals keep this fast paced record moving until the last bar.

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