Summetry (Vol. 1)
Format: 12"
SYMMETRY Recordings
Break & Kyo, DJ Marky, Ill Truth & Satl, Charli Brix, Lenzman...
Summetry (Vol. 1)
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Symmetry are kicking off the summer vibes with a new Various Artist album " Summetry", following their recent EP from DSP and double sided single from KonSoul. Focusing on musical, deep and liquid DnB flavours for this release, tracks were handpicked to encapsulate the spirit of the season.

Welcoming artists such as DJ Marky, Lenzman and LSB to the label roster for their exclusive additions to this compilation. Each of these talented producers bring their signature style and sound with their offerings.

Vocal content is a strong feature with two Break & Kyo collaborations already receiving extensive club and radio support. Lenzman skillfully reworks the vocals of Charli Brix with his stylish remix of the Ill Truth & Satl track 'In Your Soul'. Total Science & FD, Hydro & War and LSB deal effortlessly with the summer roller duties, combining dance floor grooves with warm soulful soundscapes.

Symmetry are pleased to unleash debuts from Arcatype and EchoB, who give their own unique version of the label's sound through their expert productions.

Incus, DFlect & Arcus and Native Alliance round the project off with their deep and jazzy tunes, bringing the sunset moods to a release perfect for the forthcoming summer festivals.

a1. Break & Kyo - Past North
a2. DJ Marky - Hard Hands (Late Night)
b1. Ill Truth & Satl Feat. Charli Brix - In Your Soul (Lenzman Remix)
b2. Total Science & FD - 3 Way

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