Squad Nights E.P.
Format: 12"
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Squad Nights E.P.
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NICE PRICE !!! - Our next 12" comes from Mexico, delivered to you by the one and only Rodrigo Alvarez aka Rainforest, known already for his output released through Monochrome Recordings, Omni Music, Cadence Recordings, Skutta Records, or 45Seven. So once you're familiar with the said list of his affiliations, you might imagine what to expect. The most appropriate term for a common denominator to describe the content of this EP would be, let's say, 'jungle refurbished'. Feel more than welcome to explore Rainforest's world of beautifully-crafted complex drum patterns, low-frequency bass lines, and rich palettes of background samplework. We're positive that your early-morning cup of coffee can be well substituted with the powerful, fierce-percussioned 'Squad Nights'. The pensive, deep-end 'Blu Diesel Euphoria' will help you digest your daily concerns, and the exotic, desert-inspired 'Sound Tribe' will give you a strong energy boost. The digital bonus, 'Depth of the City', tones things down a bit, offering a perfect soothing ending to the whole story. Given a bowl of so varied ingredients, you can be sure that you get a really wholesome treat, especially if you're after something more organic. In terms of sound, that is.

A.  Squad Nights
B.  Blu Diesel Euphoria
BB.  Sound Tribe

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