Sour Mash E.P.
Format: 12"
RAM Records
Andy C
Sour Mash E.P.
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Following on from the success of our 'Liftin Spirit Reloaded' vinyl series, we are pleased to announce our next project in collaboration with Ram Records. 'Ram Reloaded' will be a series of limited 12" vinyl from Ram's early years, re-mastered from the original DATs and presented onto our usual, high quality, heavy weight vinyl.

We proudly present our next venture in remastering, preserving and capturing the very beginnings of a label that has achieved levels way beyond all expectations, the multi award winning Ram Records. Established in 1992 by Andy C and Ant Miles as a home for the pair’s consistent and revolutionary productions at the height of the Hardcore scene. The first release by a 16 year old Andy C, came in the form of the Sour Mash E.P. Four distinctive, rare and highly sought after tracks that were the precursor to the developing Jungle/Drum & Bass vibes they became so renowned for. Remastered from the original DAT and presented on 180g heavyweight vinyl, the Sour Mash E.P kicks off this exciting new ‘Ram Reloaded’ series.

Promotion across chosen internet websites and Hardcore 12” vinyl communities.

    A. Visions
    AA. Mind Rise
    B. Outer Limits
    BB. Never Felt This Way

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