Danny Byrd (feat. Brookes Brothers, Serocee & Jaguar Skills)
Golden Ticket E.P.
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(BLACK VINYL EDITION) - With UK top 40 success and multiple A-List singles at Radio One already under his belt, Hospital Records’ man of the moment, the mighty Danny Byrd, presents his most consummate and ambitious project to date. Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, prepare yourselves for the ultimate ‘Golden Ticket’.
Heading up this 2x12” vinyl EP is Danny’s collab with long-time partners in crime the Brookes Brothers, “Get On It”. An attention-grabbing intro gets this party-starting banger off to an epic start, replete with endorphin rushes and punchy drums.
Next is “Make It Weighty (feat. Serocee)” which makes a statement of intent with enormous thudding kicks, subterranean bass wobbles and deftly delivered lyrics from Serocee.
On the second plate we have the almighty “BANG! (feat. Jaguar Skills)” with its urban overtones, swaggering beats and rising synth work.
Accompanying this and rounding things off once and for all for the LP is the title track “Golden Ticket (Instrumental)” which provides a beautiful, shimmering outro.

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