Rejected Love / Charybdis
Format: 12"
Rejected Love / Charybdis
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NICE PRICE !!! - Horizons continues the charge into summer with two select cuts from one of the most prolific producers in the scene today. Following on from the success of his recent Metalheadz EP Heist comes correct once more showcasing his skills as one of the most accomplished artists in drum & bass.
Opting for the warmer climes of 'Rejected Love', Heist goes full-on landscape mode for a cinematic slice of pristine D&B that effortlessly drifts through the ether with swathes of synth and subtle bass that draws us in.
It's left to 'Charybdis' to pick up the pace as Heist takes us on tech-infused journey of gnarly fx and industrial sized sub sure to sink dance floors across the land. Deadly in the right hands.

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