Fall Then Rise E.P.
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Fall Then Rise E.P.
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VERY LTD. SPLATTER VINYL EDITION !!! - We welcome Eusebeia to the Samurai family with the Fall Then Rise EP. - A plan hatched at Membrain Festival 2021 led to the collation of the first Eusebeia tracks for Samurai. Hitting the target with his very first demos for the EP, Eusebeia perfectly constructed 4 tracks that take his signature timeless break-heavy, musically spiced sound and give it a Samurai flavour.

The EP opens with 'Nothing Left To Lose' which marries his soaring Junglist aesthetics to a 126 BPM lurch step, setting an ominous mood before the EP's two centre-piece tunes 'Call Out' and 'Fall The Rise' deal out the heavy hitting break-edits. Always keeping the musical elements to the fore, Eusebeia's engine room of deep sub and breakbeat crunch create an irresistible package that any lover of classic era Jungle/Drum and Bass will feel deep in their bones. Burgeoning closes the EP with a volley of amen edits punctuated by expertly melded fills of the most effective breaks in the business. As always the spice of the track is the reaching pads and deep pulsing sub.

Fall Then Rise is an auspicious debut EP that cements Eusebeia as a perfect addition to the Samurai Music sound palette.

    A. Nothing Left To Lose
    AA. Call Out
    B. Fall Then Rise
    BB. Burgeoning

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