Gideon (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
Dub Dynasty
Gideon (2xLP)
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The anticipated 4th album from Dub Dynasty - UK Dub pioneers Alpha & Omega (Greensleeves) meet son and nephew Alpha Steppa (Steppas Records).
With three critically acclaimed albums and an extensive worldwide touring schedule Dub Dynasty are quickly becoming a household name within the international soundsystem community and beyond. Traveling the world with their heavyweight and uplifting sounds underpinned by a conscious message of peace, love and unity.

    A1. Black Woman Civilisation (Ft Wellette Seyon)
    A2. Jah Fingers (Ft Joseph Lalibela)
    A3. Zion Surround (Ft Fikir Amlak)
    A4. Gideon (Ft Echo Ranks)
    A5. Care For The People (Ft Cologne)
    B1. Likkle Zion (Ft Yehoud-I)
    B2. Arise (Ft Nish Wadada)
    B3. Yeh Beb (Ft Ras Hassen Ti)
    B4. Hosanna (Ft Cian Finn & Ras Tinny)
    B5. All The While (Ft Earlyman)
    C1. False Profit (Ft Nai-Jah, Joe Pilgrim & Setondji)
    C2. Black Woman Dub (Ft Wellette Seyon)
    C3. Dub Fingers (Ft Joseph Lalibela)
    C4. Gideon Dub (Ft Echo Ranks)
    C5. Dub For The People (Ft Cologne)
    D1. Likkle Dub (Ft Yehoud-I)
    D2. Arise Dub (Ft Nish Wadada)
    D3. Yeh Dub (Ft Ras Hassen Ti)
    D4. Hosanna Dub (Ft Cian Finn & Ras Tinny)
    D5. All The Dub (Ft Earlyman)

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