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Dub Champion / Ghetto Sound
Format: 12"
DnB - Reggae / Dub, DnB - Jungle / Juke
Dub-Stuy Records
DJ Madd
Dub Champion / Ghetto Sound
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DJ Madd continues his futuristic bass explorations on Dub-Stuy with his second solo single for the label.
Dub-Stuy closes 2018 with a new 12' from DJ Madd, a regular contributor to the label whose productions can be heard on the label's riddim series and countless dubplates. For his second solo release on Dub-Stuy, the producer delivers a two tracker featuring some of his first productions written with hardware, including the Roland TR-8 drum machine. The two 170 bpm bass-heavy rollers follow from the forward-thinking hybrid dub Madd first displayed on his 2015 label debut, 'Kingdom'.
'Dub Champion' kicks things off with ominous horn stabs and vocal samples leading into Madd's trademark style: swift percussion, catchy leads, subtle effects and chest-rattling bass. A robust riddim for the late night dancefloor shifts.

Backing this up is 'Ghetto Sound,' an energetic instrumental number that unfurls with dubby effects and a tight combination of funky rhythm and bass. Watch for the second drop for a subtle nod to reggaeton and afrobeats polyrhythms!

Dub Champions SP is another tightly packed single in line with Dub-Stuy's commitment to current dancefloor sensibilities rooted in dub music.

DJ support from Mala, Toddla T, Moresounds, Simbad and more...

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