Defence (Original / Skeptical Remix)
Format: 12"
Billion (feat. Codebreaker & Sense)
Defence (Original / Skeptical Remix)
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NICE PRICE !!! - A colossal crossing of paths, the collaboration of Billion, Codebreaker and Sense is the affirmation of one of bass music’s most exciting outfits. Individually dangerous, collectively devastating. A welcome return to authentic street level Drum & Bass with all the credentials…
“Defence” is the jewel in the crown of new skool collective Fathom Audio’s discography. Codebreaker and Sense lay down conscious kung fu precision lyrics over Billion’s shuffle and crash beat. All built on top a deadly sub bassline with schizophrenic mentasms cutting through the dance floor. – “We Defend!”
Currently one of Drum & Bass’ most revered sons, Skeptical turns “Defence” onto it’s head with his signature sonic artillery and evasive musical manoeuvres. Having now finely tuned the art of a vocal club smasher, Skeptical unleashes his deadliest remix to date.