Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction / Charade
Format: 12"
Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction / Charade
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Literature Recordings Are A Brand New Label Who Have Launched At One Of The Most Successful Times For Independent Dance Music Imprints.
It's A Time Where They're Currently Reigning Supreme Over The Charts, Becoming A Formidable Force Against The Majors Who Have For Too Long Dominated The Scene And Proving That Music Is Just As Expansive And Full Of Ideas As It Has Ever Been.
The Different Music Alumnus Cuelock Stands At The Helm Of This Brand New Project And He Brings With Him A Range Of Experience To Help Give His Expert A&r Advice To The Artists About To Make Their Debut On The Label. And The First Vinyl Release Comes From Eusebeia - The Upcoming Producer Has Shown His Hard Work And Dedication Through His Forthcoming 'breakdown Of Illusion' Ep, Where He Delivers Seven Brand New Records Which Pedestal His Stellar Talents As An Artist. Between 'truth Is Stranger Than Fiction' And 'annihilation Of Inhibition' There's A Range Of Diversity Which Eusebeia Shows His Audience Throughout The Journey Of 'breakdown Of Illusion'.
The Carefully Sequenced Drums And Weaving Bassline Of 'truth Is Stranger Than Fiction' Is The Perfect Way To Begin The Ep, Whilst Tracks Like 'charade' And Titletrack 'breakdown Of Illusion' Continues Eusebeia's High-reaching Trend.
Coming Along Next, Both 'no Stone Unturned' And 'camouflage, Pay Homage To The Roots Which Have Built Eusebeia As A Multi Faceted Artist And Demonstrate Why There's So Much Heat Around The Newly Discovered Artist. They Also Highlight The Eye For Blossoming Newcomers Which Cuelock Has Administered For This Release, It'll Be The Gift Which Enables Literature Recordings To Build A Roster Which Will Hold Themselves Up Against Their Counterparts.then Finally You're Left With Both 'dreams Into Reality' And 'annihilation Of Inhibition', Which Leave A Lingering Aftertaste - The Type Which Keeps You Coming Back For More Listen After Listen. It Completes A Package Which Proves The Capabilities Of Eusebeia As Well As Literature Recordings As An Imprint.
You Can Expect More Music soon...

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