Through The Oort Clouds (2xLP)
Format: 2 x 12"
DOM & ROLAND Productions
Through The Oort Clouds (2xLP)
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TIPP !!! - Xanadu's debut LP will be the first time Dom has released someone else's music on his Dom & Roland Productions imprint. In Dom's words ' It is the musical equivalent of a Ridley Scott alien movie' 'One of the reasons I signed Xanadu is because I wanted to learn his tricks for myself, his production really is next level' A well thought out album that flows well from start to finish, Xanadu manages to merge the dirty break-beat vibe that Dom & Roland Productions is known for with a cleaner more modern sound reminiscent of Phace or Noisia. With equal measures of funk and half time beef, all this intricacy is combined with deep space inspired music that cleverly switches between light and dark soaring and surrounding the listener pulling them into the finer parts of the grooves.

A1. Hattusa
A2. The Void
A3. Photon
B1. Circulation
B2. Ison
B3. Thermite
C1. Axis
C2. Ventricle
C3. Helix
D1. Bpd
D2. Luna
D3. Cygnus

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