206 (Album Sampler)
Format: 12"
Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris
206 (Album Sampler)
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LTD. BACK-STOCK !!! - All rise for the northwest American trifecta that is husband and wife duo Quadrant & Iris and their playmate Kid Hops. After the success of their first Commercial Suicide single Spinout label boss KLUTE asked the guys to commit to a full album and this sampler is your first taste of the forthcoming LP 206.
Angular is funky as hell with tuff bassisms, Wirecutter is pounding techstep echoing classic Jonny L and Eternal September lightens the load with deliciously melancholic liquid tones featuring vocals from rising starlet Collette Warren.
All 3 tunes have been widely tested and are fully guaranteed to make you look good when you DJ. Based in Seattle, the trio have past releases on Dispatch, C.I.A. Hospital & Ninja Tune. The full LP 206 is to be released in October. Watch this space.

A. Angular
B. Wirecutter
BB. Eternal Septemberllette Wa (Ft. Corren)

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