The Destroyed Kingdom (Neonlight Remix) / Chords From Woods
Format: 12"
Effector / Landscapers
The Destroyed Kingdom (Neonlight Remix) / Chords From Woods
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NICE PRICE !!! - More amazing international neurofunk from the Close2Death camp. The Gloucester, UK-based label have been carving a path through drum & bass over the past few years, establishing a name and an identity by only dealing in the very best sounds from the edges of reality.
On C2D015 they present two mighty slices of future music, from Russia and from France. After releases on You So Fat and Ammunition with Kaibre, Russia's Effector returns with The Destroyed Kingdom, this time around in the capable hands of Neonlight. From its sleek, shimmering intro, filled with electronic pulses and rising, angelic backing, the remix takes you far and wide, from this world to others. The track lifts slowly, but soon establishes its meaning, which is all-out neuro destruction. Neonlight marks his own territory on the track, lending it an edge as only he can do. This is one unholy banger, full of energy and life. The remixer takes the track into new areas, but never loses sight of the original's soul and purpose. Get ready.
The flip, meanwhile, comes from French electronic producer Landscapers, who delivers Chords From Woods. Mixing drum & bass and ambient in his sound, Louis Pertuy has achieved something definitely unique. Chords From Woods establishes itself early on, with a sharp and dynamic melody rising out of the intro. To this the producer adds kicks and the rumble of a bassline. The track pitches up, as the drums roll on. Crazy synths come in after the drop, with Landscapers happy to alternate between the electronic, glitchy elements and more straight-ahead drum & bass ideas throughout the track. Different, divergent and utterly addictive, Chords From Woods shows just how much Close2Death are pushing things forward as we look to 2015.  High quality beats as ever from C2D. Get inside C2D015 for something different.

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