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Native / Once Again
Format: 12"
DnB - Liquid, DnB - Vocal, DnB - JumpUp / DrumStep
Ram Records
Native / Once Again
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NICE PRICE !!! - The return of Loadstar has been marked with heightened anticipation... But looking at their extensive history, there's no denying their heritage and status within the drum & bass genre. Following the success of their debut 'Future Perfect' album, as well as their monumental live shows and kicking off the RamLife compilation in spectacular fashion, the Loadstar legacy is about to hit another milestone.
Having also remixed the likes of Rudimental, Noisia, Breakage, Chase & Status and Wolfgang Gartner, Loadstar uphold regimented production standards. This is something which is clear throughout their discography. Whether it's for daytime radio airplay, or the murkiest corners of the glob, each veteran commands a musical scope which dwarfs many of their counterparts.
Your first reintroduction to Loadstar's vast repertoire is vocal roller 'Native'. Blending the track's more humanistic elements against the fire of rapid drums and the underlay of piano arpeggios, it exposes a softer composition style which is still vastly intricate. Still dropping on impact, led by peaking voice notes, the bassline begins to distort, demonstrating a darker underbelly. Yet again the duo masters of their craft; Xample and Lomax demonstrate their skyscraper standards which have withheld against the test of time.

On the flipside, the producers dive you head first through a chasm of pounding bass. A driving riddim which juxtaposes the A-side perfectly, 'Once Again' is snappy, unapologetic and a track which is set to ignite any festival with the movement of feet. It embodies Loadstar's Mr. Hyde - it screams the same pent up aggression as 'Warrior' and leaves behind just as much destruction.
A record to reaffirm their versatility, this marks a reunion which will send cyberspace and the musical realm into turmoil. Loadstar are back and in their wake stands two tracks as formidable as the artists' longstanding reputation.

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