Crashing Stones / Aggression Snare
Format: 10"
117 Recordings
Fade / Genotype
Crashing Stones / Aggression Snare
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LTD. BACK-STOCK !!! - (CLEAR 10" VINYL) - 117 Presents Forbidden Codes. This compilation project is compiled and envisioned by DJ Trace, a veteran of UK dance music. New School players Verb and Quartz take on two classics to kick things off. Mutant and Sonar get a modern and minimal touch up on crystal clear 10″ collectors vinyl.
Three more 10′s continue this sonic experience featuring a group of the finest underground producers in today’s scene. Kid Lib, Tim Reaper, Gremlinz & Homemade Weapons, Friske, Fade and Genotype appear over 3 plates. Artist’s on the LP display their 2014 vision which compliments the direction that 117 is heading. This moves far away from the soulless noise that plagues in various electronic dance music genres today. They use in this compilation, modern studio techniques enhanced with a passion and respect for the history of drum&bass.This LP is not to be filed under throwaway music. Breaks and vibes unite to reminisce the days agone whilst outlining a new blueprint that pushes the boundaries of music technology. The essence of the 117 sound is explored and continues into the 24 digital tracks written by a gifted selection of hand picked talent from around the world. Now is your turn to be possessed by the sounds of the ‘Forbidden Codes’ .

Mastered by Beau @ Ten Eight Seven, London.

A. Fade – Crashing Stones
B. Genotype – Aggression Snare