Fling Rock Stone E.P.
Format: 2 x 12"
Slang Banger
Fling Rock Stone E.P.
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NICE PRICE !!! - Digging even deeper into their nasty jungle and old skool roots, the Fling Rock Stone EP, presents you with an onslaught of perfectly executed, razor sharp drum patterns and basses that pack a 10 tonne force to the chest! Due to be released on internationally renowned Ram Record's sister imprint Program, it's the follow up to a debut single which saw the rise to underground prominence.
'Fling Rock Stone' kicks off the EP, setting the tone with intricate filtered breaks and the war cry of Fling Rock Stone'. You're hyped up into a flurry of chest caving subs and breaks chopped together with utmost precision and style.
Up next is 'Highgrade', beginning with pads this track is set to annihilate dancefloor's around the world over and over. Serious amen break drum work cuts through and delivers nothing but power and bass weight energy reminiscent of the dark days, fusing new elements with old skool flavour, delivering nothing short of a production masterpiece.
'Hyper G' and 'Bagleys' complete the EP. 'Hyper G' rolls in with mysterious, unearthly atmospherics layered on top of mangled drum edits building into a crushing assault. Heavy weight kick drums, clanged snares and mid range heavy stabs deliver an all-out tear rhythm, able to lead you onto any dance floor. 'Bagleys' sets a different tone. Taking you on a journey to the epic rave days of Bagleys nightclub with an echoed sample mixed on top of bitcrushed drum edits and murky pads, its rises into a storm of pitching down bass, and the drums are rolled in guaranteeing nothing but pure dancefloor satisfaction.

With 4 beautifully crafted masterpieces, Slang Banger blend the lines of old skool flavour and dark, tech infused bass lines to deliver something fresh, exciting and monstrous! Thus delivering the guarantee of world dance floor domination!

    A. Fling Rock Stone
    B. Highgrade
    C. Hyper G
    D. Bagleys

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