Zero T / Black Barrel
Dispatch Dubplate (Vol. 21)
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Dispatch Dubplate continues to celebrate the best in unreleased dubs and in-demand tracks from the world of drum and bass with the next edition of this prestigious series, brought to you by Zero T and Black Barrel. Fans of the label will be familiar with these two label favourites, both responsible for several classic album releases for Dispatch and countless well-received EPs.

Leading the release is the VIP of "Sonic Bionic" from Zero T. The original has been in heavy rotation since release in 2021, and this VIP has been a secret weapon in Zero T's sets of late. When Ant TC1 suggested a VIP treatment for this track, Zero T decided to take the vibe back a couple of years from the
original's nod to the Full Cycle sound of 1998, to a more '96 vibe. A classic stripped-back Sandman break and a call-andresponse bassline, are joined by a halftime intro and breakdown, for a further nod to the dark Wu-Tang-style hip-hop influences of the original.

The DLR Remix of Black Barrel's "Fabric" makes up the next track in this split release. The original from 2019 will be well known to many. This DLR Remix adds that trademark funk to this classic roller.

Completing the digital release is an incredible collab from both artists, a soulful vocal leads "Deep Inside" as Zero T and Black Barrel flex their liquid credentials. Building on Black Barrel's original melody with techno-influenced, looped-out vibes - deep by name, deep by nature.

The vinyl exclusive track for the limited edition heavyweight release is Black Barrel's own VIP of "Fabric". Another secret weapon, this rework includes added weight and intensity - building on the original's glitched funk.

A. Zero T     Sonic Bionic VIP
AA. Black Barrel     Fabric ( remix DLR )
B. Black Barrel & Zero T     Deep Inside
BB. Black Barrel     Fabric VIP [vinyl exclusive]

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