You / King Of The Beats
Format: 12"
DOM & ROLAND Productions
You / King Of The Beats
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LTD. GOLD-COLOURED VINYL EDITION !!! - Dom & Roland's Label has gone from strength to strength from its conception in 2006. Featuring collaborations by Dom with other Artists such as Noisia, Hive and Amon Tobin the label has continued to push sonic boundaries whilst staying true to it's ethos of 'not selling out'. It is currently in A ' Dubs from the Dungeons' Phase releasing sought after unreleased music from the 90's from various accomplished artists every month on limited edition gold vinyl.


This technical amen smasher surfaced just before the blue note era. Highlighting Dillinja's untouchable production prowess, this is inspired breakbeat and bass wizardry at its pinnacle. Previously unreleased, It has been beautifully remastered from Digital Tape to sound as powerful as it did thumping out of the Metalheadz dub sound system in Hoxton square in 1997.


One of Dillinja's DJ tools created for the A-list in the mid nineties! A masterfully simple yet effective arrangement of body blowing power. Guaranteed to knock drinks of speakers and make Rizlas dance on tables!

DJ PLAY: Jumping Jack Frost, DJ Lee, Bryan G, Fabio, Grooverider, Peshay, Loxi, Andy C, Break, Fierce, Doc Scott, Dbridge, Goldie, Ant TC1, Gridlok, Marcus Intalex, SB81, Ulterior Motive, Noisia...

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