Deep Concentration / Champion Sound (Doc Scott Remix)
Format: 12"
Deep Concentration / Champion Sound (Doc Scott Remix)
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This EP is a bit different because it is two halves of two EP’s. Side A is a monster of a track that tore up dance floors all over the country, played by every big name in the game and like all the Q Project tracks, it still sounds amazing today! The perfect sound of 1994 all wrapped up in one track. Then we have the absolutely sublime Doc Scott remix of Champion Sound where he took it to a place only Doc Scott could. Many list this as their favourite version or remix of Champion Sound. Doc Scott took the track in a different direction with his amazing production skills, adding many new aspects but retaining the vibe of the original.

Club / DJ Support
Jay Cunning, Billy Bunter, the Fat Controller, Liquid, Hyper On Experience, Glowkid, Slipmatt, Dj Jedi, Dj Luna-C, Dj Brisk, Paul Bradley, Jimni Cricket, Bustin, Jimmy J, Doughboy, Lowercase, Dave Skywalker, Ponder and many others.

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