Dear Friend E.P.
Format: 12"
Alpha Steppa & Pupa Jim
Dear Friend E.P.
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From the acclaimed Alpha Steppa album 'Raise The Ark' - due to popular demand Steppas Records have finally unleashed the until now much sought after dubplate 'Dear Friend' featuring one of the most innovative and loved modern reggae, hip-hop and bass music artists of our time; Pupa Jim of Stand High Patrol.
Alpha Steppa's unique heavyweight yet soulful sound coupled with Pupa Jim's profound, direct and infectious vocal make this long-awaited collaboration well worth the wait. With its clear and crucial message on the climate crisis, 'Dear Friend' is quickly becoming an anthem for an international, inter-generational fight for a sustainable future.
The single edition includes exclusive vocal and dub mixes, plus two powerful and uplifting instrumentals featuring the great King David Horns and Ras Divarius – sleeved in the Steppas Records house-bag made from high quality 100% recycled card.

    A. Dear Friend (Ft Pupa Jim)
    AA. Dear Dub (Ft Pupa Jim)
    B. Dear Friend (Ft King David Horns)
    BB. Dear Friend (Ft Ras Divarius)

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