Dammed Nation E.P.
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Dammed Nation E.P.
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GALACTIC GREY VINYL EDITION !!! - This is a very collectable EP within the breakbeat/hardcore scene with copies changing hands in excess of £350.00. Written by London born Mixmaster Max whose first step into public life was that of a breakdancer in the early 80’s when he was just a kid with a crew called The Back Street Warriors, showcasing his talents at the infamous Covent Garden jams of the same era. He then got into DJing and scratching and entered the DMC Championships and is credited as the inventor of the Topsy Turvey – stacking turntables on top of each other for a DJ routine!

As like many DJ’s around the late 80’s in London he gravitated out of hip hop and into the rave culture and from here he started to perform at many events such as Fantazia, The Pirate Club, Turnmills and the Hacienda in Manchester as well as a residency on a Friday night alongside John Saunderson - the General Manager of DMC - at Camden Palace. From his club work he started to play on the London pirates Kool FM and Centreforce and on legal stations Peoples Choice and Avenues FM.

These tracks are precursors to the soon to blossom jungle scene and highlight Max’s musical history with his creative sample play. You won’t find much more authentic hardcore than this EP, which really highlights the sound of London back in 1993.

A. Lab-Tek - Dammed Nation
B. Lab-Tek - Weird Science
BB. Lab-Tek - Tik Tok

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