Senex (3xLP)
Format: 3 x 12"
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Senex (3xLP)
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LTD. BACK-STOCK !!! - The drum and bass chart-topping artist, CURRENT VALUE, whose tunes are often a staple of Aphex Twin’s performances, returns to METHLAB RECORDINGS with his SENEX LP, which features twenty one of his most technical and innovative sonic works on the ike-minded label.
A twin release with it's more upfront & riotous cousin PUER delivered via Souped Up Recordings, SENEX displays its half of the CURRENT VALUE sound with an expansive array of sonic sequences marked by their forward thinking sonic character and the singular timbres for which CURRENT VALUE is known.
Early in the album’s span come the glittering arpeggios of MEGACITY, which filter downwards above the bassline pursuit that plays out beneath their fluttering rays. Further in, DISMANTLE deconstructs a set of classic rhythms before reshaping them within the milieu of it's hazy pads under the pressure of it's mechanical low frequency generator.

An elysian piano melody wafts through the opening percussion of FRIENDLY TAKEOVER and therein masks the brutalist companion frequencies that await within the track’s second section.
ACCESS POINT surges within a stream of bitcrushed binary at the albums third quarter, and opens the way for the enigmatically warped sonics that course through the albums final sections and flow within the depths of it’s voidborne closing track, CRYSTAL BALL.

With SENEX, CURRENT VALUE delivers one half of his joint 11th and 12th albums as he explores his most experimental sonic leanings to both a further breadth and depth than ever before upon the METHLAB RECORDINGS label.

    A1. Incite
    A2. Embedded
    A3. E-Machine
    A4. Megacity
    B1. Afterthought
    B2. Hypnosis
    B3. Dismantle
    C1. In Depth
    C2. Entity
    C3. Mars
    C4. Key Pattern
    D1. Friendly Takeover
    D2. Access Point
    D3. Hit The Wall
    E1. Unrest
    E2. Chain Walk
    E3. Frontier
    F1. New Arrival
    F2. La La Land
    F3. Off Grid
    F4. Crystal Ball