My Girl / U Can C In There
Format: 12"
Coco Bryce
My Girl / U Can C In There
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TIPP !!! - LTD. COKE-BOTTLE-GREEN VINYL EDITION - Coco Bryce - 'nuff said.

Alright, maybe he does warrant a bit more than that. Myor boss Coco Bryce returns to his self- proclaimed "second home" at 7th Storey Projects with two new bangers, something of a natural sequel to the much-loved Gunna released on 7th Storey in the form of a cheeky little 10" in 2019.

On the A side you'll find 'My Girl' - a roughneck breakbeat ride but with sweet and soulful vocals and Summery synth-lines smoothing out a bit of the roughness - a typical Coco workout, and that is by no means a bad thing!

On the B is U Can C In There, a gorgeous roller - just listen, the music speaks for itself! Mastered & cut by Beau Thomas, pressed at Record Industry and presented on Coke Bottle Green vinyl - fancy

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