Cause Damage / Like Jazz
Format: 12"
ODYSEE Recordings
Andy Odysee
Cause Damage / Like Jazz
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(ARTWORK EDITION) - The blueprint for both the Source Direct and Mirage releases on Odysee Recordings was always about presenting two complimentary styles of Drum & Bass; often a dark Amen track on one side would be paired with a more experimental ambient or Jazz-infused track on the other. Label partner Andy Odysee’s debut solo release remains true to that ethos. Taking a break from the remix/remaster series that has seen Mirage’s Bewildered and No Tomorrow return to vinyl, Andy delivers a 12” that demonstrates both musical depth and stylistic versatility.

Cause Damage builds from the start with a feel of haunting melancholy and ethereal space, but the as strident breaks pick up the energy, the track builds. The mood suddenly switches; a seismic room-shaking sub and menacing vocal creating a sense of imminent speaker damage, before the track drops unleashing a blistering assault of razor sharp Amens and wobbling synth bass descents. This track has made regular appearances in Source Direct sets over the past year.
In complete contrast, Like Jazz is a modern day twist on the style of production that was seen in tracks like A Different Groove, Complexities or even some of the Hokusai releases. A deep tech-house backbone of synth stabs give support to the freeform Jazz breaks and sax riffs that are scattered across this piece. The vocal challenges the listener with the question “Are You A Jazz Fan?” and if you are, this piece will certainly deliver a deep musical journey through Jazz-infused harmonic landscapes.

In addition to the vinyl release, the bonus digital track Body Rock is a tribute to the early Soul Boogie & Breakdance sound of the 1980’s. Packed to the seams with references to that era, there is enough vocoder, Electro-style bass stabs, 808 and 909 drum cuts, and clean classic Hip-Hop breaks, to have everyone body-popping and pulling out some impromptu headspins!

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