Cache / Rules Of Hell
Format: 12"
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NC-17 & Kumarachi
Cache / Rules Of Hell
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The next edition of the Dispatch Blueprints series comes from NC-17 and Kumarachi. Inspired by the original breakbeats / drum sampling production techniques, NC-17 continues the Blueprints ethos with two spectacular tracks that celebrate the old skool drum and bass flavours.

Whilst working on the latest edition of NC-17's ongoing album series "Most Violent Year" we received the two tracks that make up this release and all agreed that they would find the perfect home on the Blueprints imprint.

"Cache" is a drum heavy collaboration with Kumarachi that makes perfect use of rasping bass synths, razor sharp drum edits and well timed vocal samples, channeling the energy of a Blue Note era banger.

"Rules of Hell" is pure NC-17 magic - a dark, broody, cinematic journey through the depths of drum and bass grit. Tuned to make whole dancefloors shake, this one is a real monster. Watch out for that bassline.