Get Ya Body Moving E.P.
Format: 12"
BIG M Productions
Some DJ Vs. Imagine This, D-Funk, Pimpsoul...
Get Ya Body Moving E.P.
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NICE PRICE !!! - In the vinyl rotation our neat label welcomes 'Some DJ' for another visit in our hall of fame with his single 'Get ya body moving' int he best format of the world - 12" wax! Collaborating with the amazing MC 'Imagine This' a huge, bouncing, floor stomping, vocal- and synth base driven peak time gem is the amazing result. With additional Bass Mix by 'Some DJ' and acapella by 'Imagine' this, it is not enough. On top there are murder remixes, one by no one else than grandmaster Pimpsoul and the other one by D-Funk, who has previously been coming through BigM Productions with big success. Definitely any beats'n'breaks head or moombathon lover or ghettofunk jumper or in yo face electro rocker will find his needful must have dope on this 45er 12".

A01) Get ya body moving (Original Mix) A huge rocker in the slower speed range with full force floor stompting factor, murder vocaling by Imagine this embedded in a bass and synth inferno.

A02) Get ya body moving (D-Funk Remix) D-Funk goes more in the classic beats'n'breaks direction, kicking it hard with a bombing bounce focussing a huge bassline.

B01) Get ya body moving (Pimpsoul Re-Funk) Not much words needed. Unbelieveable Mr. Pimpsoul wraps the already massive tune into some ultrafunky but ridiculous rocking, ghetto breaks leaned, peak time potential and Pimpsoul stamped coat.

B02) Get ya body moving (Some DJ Bass Mix) Some DJ's revisit of his tune hooking up with the theme in more 4x4 ways and a bit faster speeded. Deep fast wobbling bassline and shortened MC actions makes this a late night wobbler.

B03) Get ya body moving (Acapella by Imagine This) A additional incentive Imagine This provides his great vocal action from this tune as dj tool acapella to satisfy your need for playing with it an mashing through whatever you can imagine.