Braindance E.P.
Format: 12"
DJ Mudak 2000 & FTL
Braindance E.P.
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Braindance is the second, highly anticipated, collaborative EP from Irish producer DJ Mudak 2000 and French producer FTL, landing on their new label as the debut release.

Produced in Dublin & Paris, the two prolific junglists have encapsulated the intricacies of modern jungle while still highlighting the emotive elements of yesteryear.

The first track "I Wanna" begins as a fantastically light, classic jungle track with piercing soul vocals that unpacks into a soaring brawl of amens and intense 808s. A great representation of the duality of light and dark elements which make this whole EP a standout.

A2 "Barriers" is a driving, high tempo club ready cut. There is absolutely no messing about with this one, in your face reese business for the peak timers. On the flipside, title track "Braindance" is a complex yet ethereal roller carried along by hovering staccato vocals that are contrasted with a deep cutting sub that will hit you in all of the right spots.

The final track "Chasing A Dream" lives up to its name as its emotive synth lines and Sad Boys-esque cowbells will fill you with the tangible feelings of want and passion.

A. I Wanna
AA. Barriers
B. Braindance
BB. Chasing A Dream

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